Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND. Photo credit: Dale Robinette

AAA loves La La Land brights

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So I didn’t want to like it and rise to the hype but I’ll level-I totally loved La La Land!

Not only does Damien Chazelle’s modern day musical deliver a full blown theatrical experience, it also happens to be a sartorial tour de force. From Ryan Gosling’s sharp suits to Emma Stone’s retro, primary brights, it leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth-especially welcome here in the UK where we’re currently experiencing some serious levels of February gloom!

It certainly inspired me to roll out the primary hues and I’m thinking that it’s time to dust off the yellow Longchamp again. I normally reserve this bag for summer but why? It looks great against winter neutrals of black, navy, greys and denim so why the hell not?

Yellow Longchamp Le Pliage cuir by Accessorize All Areas

The ever useful Longchamp Le Pliage, here in yellow leather

As spring starts to rear it’s little daffodil shaped head, it’s hard to think that we’re not going to see the repercussions coming through the high street as the thirst for a fresh palette prevails.

Make no mistake, with accessories this bright you can keep the rest of your outfit paired back and simple. I’ll be styling mine with plenty of black and navy for now but more whites and brights come actual spring.

The yellow Pliage cuir from Longchamp as seen on Accessorize All Areas

Much loved, seen here in a few different posts, it works well with monochrome

And because Ryan Gosling knows where it’s at, here he is sporting a yellow tie in the film-you’re welcome! Although the jury is definitely still out on how many mortal men could pull this off?! 😬


Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND. Photo credit: Dale Robinette

What are your brightest and most unapologetic accessories or clothes? I bet they’ve been crammed into the back of your wardrobe for the last 6 months. It’s about time you dusted them off!…

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2 thoughts on “AAA loves La La Land brights”

  1. Judith Smith says:

    Do you have an event on March 21st? An alert has come up in my diary.

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