AAA First Birthday

Accessorize All Areas 1st Birthday!


So this week my little blog turned one-hooray! A year ago I published my first post, which was neither long, nor complicated. It was merely me forcing myself to step out into the big wide bloggy world and feel the sunlight on my face. Oh and just get going. I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator so really it’s a miracle any of this exists. I really could procrastinate myself into oblivion at times but as my Granddad used to teach me when I was little, procrastination is the thief of time-ain’t that the truth!

I could lament over all the things I haven’t yet done or followers I haven’t garnered but that would be defeatist and it was definitely not in that spirit that Accessorize All Areas began so for once I shall pat myself on the back. Well done me for making it this far! Too many people give up well before this point so instead I’m going to celebrate and keep going. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey n all that.

So what have my most popular posts been in the last year I hear you say (oh what, you didn’t say that? Let me tell you anyway) and why is anyone bothering to read? Well the latter I’ve got no idea really but the former I can tell you. Here are my Top 5 Posts to date on AAA, gather round now…

Cowboy Boots and Shopping Regret – This was one of those posts that I wrote in a flash, whilst on holiday last year after waking up to a text from a friend that made me laugh. I often find my friends inspire me with their dilemmas and fashion related queries (they all seem to come my way, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love my self-appointed advisory role!) There are some more posts in the pipeline inspired by my friends’ recent sartorial dilemmas (hey, we’ve all got them) so look out for those coming soon (probably got to work on a catchier series title than My Friends’ recent Sartorial Dilemmas, leave it with me!)

London Fashion Week SS15 Review – I decided to go down to Somerset House during LFW because if nothing else, the people watching is IMMENSE! If ever you’re at a loose end in London during either fashion week, I highly recommend taking in the atmosphere and marvelling at some of the most extreme peacocking you’re likely to see in the capital (Soho aside naturally). I also did some street style photography at the most recent AW15 shows, which you can see here and here. Is September already in my diary for SS16? Hell yes it is! I shall be taking my long lens peeps, fear not.

About – Yes for some unknown reason, you lot seem to want to know who I am! Well, from my shrouded cloak of darkness in the first instance I have now cast off the shackles of anonymity and I’ll be honest, putting my face on the blog for the first time was one of the scariest things I’ve done! I’m sure nobody else cares but let me tell you it was a big deal! Hey, I’m old school, don’t judge me. The page recently underwent a refresh too to reflect my newly found chutzpah!

Review: Savage Beauty at the V&A – This is my most recent post and one that again poured out after a trip to this amazing exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert museum. If you haven’t been I thoroughly recommend it. I’m also keen to see their new Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibit, launched earlier this month. No doubt there’ll be a post on that in the not too distant future…

OOTD: Studded Dior and Blue Suede – Sadly not an outfit of mine (ohhh the irony!) but I’d like to think it at least means my street style hunting eye is bang on target! I spotted this girl in Bath at the train station and although there was no common language between us we managed to communicate enough for her to kindly pose for me. Her friends were equally as stylish but we only had a few minutes before the train came. I couldn’t not ask, her accessories were just too good to be missed.

So there you have it, the most read posts I have published thus far. For those of you that read and follow me both here and on social media, I can’t thank you enough for your support. I salute you fellow bloggers and friends and family whose ears have been bent beyond belief!

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Thank you and here’s to the next year!

Caroline xx

2 thoughts on “Accessorize All Areas 1st Birthday!”

  1. Jess says:

    Happy Birthday AAA! I bought sparkly flats after being inspired by one of your early posts!

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