Aquamarine Cartier Tank ring by Accessorize All Areas

Birthstone Beauties: Aquamarine for March (with a little help from Cartier…)

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So my little March monkeys, welcome to Spring! To celebrate I decided to roll out the florals (florals for spring? Groundbreaking! This still makes me laugh every time) as well as some March birthstone inspired aquamarine.

The Cartier Tank ring is a classic design and I’m lucky enough to have had this piece for quite a few years. It’s chunky, sleek and modern in its appeal but actually sits quite nicely next to the slim sapphire and diamond Annina Vogel stacked rings. I’ve previously spoken of my love for Annina’s designs (read more here) and if you don’t know of her work I would seriously urge you to check it out.

The cabochon cut aquamarine gives the ring a gorgeously sleek and tactile profile, which again is nicely juxtaposed with the old rose cut diamonds of the neighbouring piece. So what of aquamarines? Well you can find all sorts of meanings, associations and benefits but two that frequently come up are the promotion of health and youth. Show me the woman who doesn’t want to encourage either of those! More so, it’s just a beautiful stone that fits nicely with a spring wardrobe. It conjures up Spring skies and crystal waters and to be honest I need a little help with those today! It seems to have turned from gorgeous spring sunshine to hideous spring showers in the space of a few hours, gotta love the UK ☔️ Oh hang on, crystal waters from the sky, right, I get it now…

Anyway, I’ve decided to make the Birthstone Beauties into a regular monthly feature so keep an eye out for everyone’s April favourite – Diamonds!

Enjoy the end of your weekends, I’m off to do a little sun dance!


2 thoughts on “Birthstone Beauties: Aquamarine for March (with a little help from Cartier…)”

    • Not new, but I don’t always wear them stacked together so it gives a different look. It’s all about the endless possibilities of layering!

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