Rose Gold Cleanse by Accessorize All Areas

Rose Gold Cleanse

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Sometimes a cleanse is in order and there’s no better time than January.

When the temperature is hovering around zero and all you want to do is throw on an oversize knit and boots, how do you keep the look chic but still simple and elegant? Try adding a touch of rose gold, it does wonders to elevate a clean pared back palate. It kind of makes it acceptable to look like you’ve gone out in your pyjamas or at best your ‘lounge wear!’

Anything that makes it look a little more like I may have made an effort (despite having probably just rolled out of bed), is always going to be a winner in my book.

And for an actual cleanse? I’ll be trying this Clear Improvement mask by Origins. I’ve already tried their Drink Up Intensive overnight mask (surely the ultimate lazy treatment?) and was impressed with the results for practically zero effort, so I have high hopes.

Aren’t you meant to light candles when you whack a face mask on? It’s the ultimate girlie clichĂ© isn’t it but I’m not going to let that stop me. I’ll be kicking back with one of my favourite White Company Verveine bad boys for an uplifting hit of citrus.

Ahhh, Fridays never felt so good (or clean)!

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