Jimmy Choo Emerald Candy clutch by Accessorize All Areas

Jimmy Choo Emerald Candy clutch

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Ok, since spotting this beauty the other day, I’m not sure my life will be complete without it! I know my tendencies towards anything glittery are sometimes a little out of control but I feel like on this occasion it’s totally warranted.

Let me present to you Jimmy Choo’s Emerald Candy clutch!

According to the description ‘the dazzling look of this material mirrors the unique characteristics of an emerald, with its depth and glittery brilliance’ and I have to say the three dimensional feel of the acrylic really does seem to achieve this quite well for essentially a bit of plastic and glitter. But what a beautiful piece of glittery plastic it is! Don’t let that put you off by the way, it feels qualitative to the touch with the side gussets finished in a wonderfully tactile green leather. With a gold chain to dangle from or sling across the body its a practical luxury (ok, ok I’m clutching at straws I know!)

Let’s be honest, it had me at Hello.

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