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Wrist List: Diamond Candy and Cocktail Watches

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If ever there’s a time of year to bring out the bling, it’s now. With the heady scent of mulled wine just around the corner and the thought of Christmas parties looming, it’s time to up your wrist game.

A lot of people leave their watch as an afterthought. Either they don’t wear one, or they throw on the same old thing they’ve been wearing day in day out for the last 20 years. Often bought by someone else (it’s a great mark the milestone gift right?) but often that leads to a one size fits all/everyday appropriate style, classic but nothing too flashy. In short, often BORING…

Enter the cocktail watch! Harking back to an era when women dressed up for Gin o’clock, it’s time to realise that a great diamond watch is a thoroughly modern update for the party season and beyond.

Ok, I appreciate the big Swiss brands may not be within budget for everyone but the high street is awash with tributes and if you do decide to go for the real deal, you can guarantee it will forever be stylish and a solid investment for your wardrobe.

It’s also possible to stack your watch with other pieces and a mix of high/low jewellery is hard to detect when it’s all mixed in. Personally I’m a HUGE fan of the stacking wrist candy vibe and tend to favour a chunky watch over a dainty one but it depends on the overall balance of your outfit, sometimes a more restrained, paired back style looks more appropriate.

Even with a great watch, its still ok to be fashionably late. After all, what could be more fabulous than turning up to the party at quarter past diamond? If your friends and family are pissed off at your tardiness, you can always hope that they take the Samantha Jones approach…

If you’re going to ruin our lives, I’d at least like to look at a nice piece of jewellery!

What’s your wrist style? Vote in the poll below to find out the results!

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