Charlotte Olympia Firework pumps by Accessorize All Areas

Come on let your Charlotte Olympias burst!


So it’s Guy Fawkes night here in the UK and you could do worse than to wear these firework inspired silk pumps by Charlotte Olympia to celebrate.

For me and probably thousands of others I’ll shortly be huddled in a freezing field making appreciative noises at the sky and trying not to set my gloves alight with a sparkler. The warmth of the bonfire is always welcome, I won’t lie. So while in my head I’ll be wearing these, what I’ll probably have on my feet is a pair of wellies. And even though they’ll be a pair of trusty Hunters, I don’t think it’s what Katy Perry had in mind when she advised ‘make them go oh, oh, oh!’

3 thoughts on “Come on let your Charlotte Olympias burst!”

    • Thanks Karen! Yes I was only too pleased to have my wellies on given it was -2° tonight! Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments, much appreciated. Looks like there’s loads of interesting things on your blog too, who doesn’t love a wedding accessory or 3?!😊

      • Lol – glad to hear your wellies came in rather handy, sounds like it was a chilly one *brrrr* So, welcome 🙂 Great blog, looking forward to reading future posts & thank you so much for the lovely compliment 😀 K x

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