My beloved old cowboy boots from Nashville

Cowboy Boots and Shopping Regret

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I got a message from a friend this morning that read:

‘Wish I had bought those cowboy boots at the flea market in Paris’

Ahhh, Shopping Regret-that old friend that comes back to haunt us every now and again. Not for the ridiculous things you did buy that still languish, unloved and unworn at the back of your closet. No, no, this is Shopping Regret for those things you didn’t buy and should have. We’ve all got them, those holy grail items that we were too sensible/broke/unsure of to commit to our ever bulging wardrobes. And yet we find ourselves years down the line casting back a wistful, misty eyed reverie about ‘the perfect cowboy boots’ or whatever it may have been. It didn’t matter that the trip my friend was referring to was 3 years ago!

I have a similar regret (well, more than one but this one particularly sticks in my mind) about a burgundy, belted cape that I should have bought and didn’t. I still think about it now. It’s probably getting close to 10 years ago but that doesn’t seem to matter. The old adage ‘time is a great healer’ -well you can forget that! That’s the real cruelty of Shopping Regret, it’s indiscriminate of time. Every year that passes only seems to serve as a reminder of your inability to Carpe Vestis and buy the bloody thing! And the irony? We probably know when we’re doing it, walking away from the purchase that could transform our wardrobes (and maybe our lives?!)

Am I any better now? Probably, although budget constraints are more often the deciding factor these days. Sometimes though we take a gamble on something that we’re not sure is going to fit into our lives or wardrobes and it turns out we’ve inadvertently hit the motherload. In honour of all things purchased in a moment of madness, here’s the knackered, old cowboy boots I bought on a trip to Nashville a few years back. I love them and they have been worn to death-the rare trade off we dream of for taking a risk.

Ariat Cowboy Boots, square toe

As for my friend, I have now pledged to ‘hit her round the head’ if she ever does it again. ‘They were £35 FFS!’, she lamented. FFS indeed, let this be a lesson ladies-buy the bloody cowboy boots! After all, whatever you don’t buy now will be paid for later with Shopping Regret…



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