Ear Cuffs-Instant Edge Factor

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So if you’re more Team Cara than Team Poppy you’ll probably have been taking note of the momentum gathering explosion that is the Ear Cuff this year. Part subversive punk, part edgy fashionista, it’s a look that’s been seen on many a red carpet with everyone from Rita Ora to Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence partaking in the trend. It seems to offer an instant edge factor for those looking to ruffle the hems of their pristine chiffon gowns. It’s the equivalent of using black leather to toughen up those summer florals and it’s no surprise that’s it’s coincided with a season where it’s been all about the nineties grungy revival.

Yes the ear cuff wearer can do pretty and girly but don’t think for one second that she isn’t ready to knee you in the balls at the drop of a hat-at least that’s what she’d like you to think. Maybe that’s the appeal? Don’t mess with me bitches!

And with grown up versions now coming in fine jewellery interpretations at Net-a-porter and Browns it seems that this craze isn’t just for the kids. Women in their thirties (with a seriously healthy bank balance) can now pay homage to a trend they probably experienced first time round wearing their checked shirts and scuffed up Doc Martins with the words of Eddie Vedder or Kurt Cobain (pick a side) ringing in their teenage ears.

I’ve worn this floral version (pretty and edgy) from H&M on a few occasions over the summer and I’m sure the festival circuit has been flooded with similar offerings.

Like the time Angela Chase dyed her hair red, I’m just dipping my toes in the commitment free nineties water.

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