Charmed by Annina Vogel


I’ve been a fan of Annina Vogel for a while and always love stopping by her counter in Liberty to fawn over the unusual, quirky pieces. She is something of an under-the-radar phenomenon, despite her designs being worn by Kate Moss, SJP and Cara Delevigne to name but a few.


Specialising in taking vintage Victorian jewellery and remodelling it for a modern aesthetic, there are no two pieces alike. It feels like every charm, ring and necklace has a story of its own to tell.

I could literally spend hours looking at the collections and found myself strangely drawn to this beauty the other day-what do you think?

annina ring

Do you have any vintage pieces of jewellery or family heirlooms that have been passed down to you?


2 thoughts on “Charmed by Annina Vogel”

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